Friday, 7 February 2014

Would You Wear a Giant LIVE Beetle as a Fashion Accessory? Me, Probably Not

Thing I didn't know what a thing until today and will probably never experience firsthand: the Makech beetle fashion accessory.

Mike Powell, traveler and blogger on the website Yucatan for 91 Days, learned about women wearing Makech beetles while living in the Yucatan peninsula.

According to local folklore, the idea of wearing a beetle as a pin—bedazzled, of course—comes from Mayan legend.

Maya princess from long ago was destined to marry the prince of a
neighboring kingdom, but instead she fell in love with a noble warrior
from her village. Enraged, her father announced his intention to kill
the warrior. Fear-stricken, the princess pleaded for the young man’s
life. If he were spared, she promised to willingly marry the prince as
had been planned.
The king listened to his
sobbing daughter and consoled her. “Don’t worry, your handsome warrior
shall live”. And he kept his word…in a way. A practitioner of the dark
arts was called in and turned the warrior into a beetle. The horrified
princess scooped up her beloved and carried him to her room. She adorned
him with the most beautiful jewels she could find and placed him on her
breast, so he would always be near her heart.
that's sweet. But prince or no prince, I'm not sure I could cope with
having a squirmy beetle affixed to my chest, no matter how glittery and
sparkly it is. I mean, look at all those moving legs!

Would you ever consider wearing a Makech beetle? Tell us in the comments!

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