Friday, 7 February 2014

Check Out This Girl's Makeup, Because I Think it's Going to Help Make Her Super Famous

I will admit I had no idea who singer Ivy Levan was when I saw these photos of her, but I'm convinced she's going to be the next big thing—for her incredible makeup, if nothing else!
She reminds me a bit of Gwen Stefani,
in how she wears strong signature makeup that strikes a distinctly
retro note, and I love how she plays up that little black beauty mark in
Marilyn Monroe-esque
fashion. Yet here, her girly-pink lipstick, cheeks, and lids also
soften her whole look just enough, so it doesn't go too costumey. True,
this is still not makeup for just any girl to wear in an everyday
situation, but for a star, I think it's perfect.
I was intrigued
enough to google more pics of Ivy Levan, and I'm convinced her makeup
(and yes, that natural gorgeousness) is going to help her make it really
big. I'm calling it now! Let it go on official record. Oh, and her
voice is pretty hot too.


Is there a singer whose signature makeup you think helped her stand out/make it big? What do you think of Ivy Levan's look?
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