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The 5 Most Breathtaking Celebrity Wedding Dresses of 2013

There weren't a ton of high-profile celeb weddings in 2013, but the those who were married this year got married in style. Here are my top five wedding dress picks for the year.

Crystal and Hugh Hefner swapped vows on New Year's Eve 2012, but since she was still wearing her pink Romona Keveza wedding dress when 2013 broke, I'm counting it.


The former MTV star wore Monique Lhuillier to marry Jay Cutler in June. Here's a rear view. Click here to see the full dress on a model.


The singer-songwriter wore Elie Saab to marry Facebook gajillionaire Sean Parker. Everyone else at the wedding wore custom costumes by the Lord of the Rings costume designer.


The bride wore three Vera Wang wedding dresses to marry John Legend. This one was my fave.

Kelly Clarkson went with Temperley when she married Brandon Blackstock in October.

Which of these celebrity wedding dresses is your favorite?

What? You Have to See This Bag Kanye West Bought Kim Kardashian for Christmas


If, for Christmas, your boyfriend bought you a one-of-a-kind Hermes Birkin bag that he had customized by one of the most renowned contemporary American painters alive, wouldn't you be psyched?
What if it looked like this:

Yup. That's what Kanye West bought his girlfriend Kim Kardashian for Christmas: a many-thousand-dollar Hermes bag painted over by George Condo, a revered American artist who, according to a bio on the New Museum website, "developed a unique painting style, employing the virtuoso draftsmanship and paint handling of the old masters to depict subject matter that sprang largely from his imagination." This isn't the first time that West and Condo have collaborated. Condo created the cover art for West's My Dark Twisted Fantasy album.
It's a collector's item, for sure, but what do you think of it? Yea or nay? Kim clearly likes the bag, since she was spotted actually carrying it around while shopping yesterday.
Tell us what you think in the comments, below!

Friday, 27 December 2013

Kimora Lee Simmons' Beach Hair Is the Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

I'd like to imagine that if I were frolicking on the beach today, my hair would look as mermaid-y and divine as Kimora Lee Simmons'.


All that body and those springy girls—delicious.
Of course, I'm not on a beach vacation. I'm in Baltimore with my family trying to keep my nephews from fighting over the Wii. But something about just looking at these curls is taking me away to another place. One where salt water turns your curls into something straight from heaven. Come along with me, will you?

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Heading Out to Do Some Last-Minute Shopping Today? Use This Hilary Duff Trick to Make It Less Stressful

If you've procrastinated on your holiday shopping to the point of having to brave the mall today (guilty!), then I urge you to take this picture of Hilary Duff out shopping over the weekend as an invitation to make it an event, darhling.
I mean, how fabulous does she look with her low ponytail and dreamy matte red lipstick? It certainly would make having to sort through crowds for a perfect present for your picky brother seem a little less dreary.
Consider this a challenge: Go glam to do your shopping today. Put on a couple of extra coats of mascara. Actually brush your hair. Maybe even put on a red lipstick like Hilary here. I really think it would go a long way in spreading good cheer on what could be a rather stressful day.
Any of you glam up to shop to help save your sanity?

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Best Dressed on Last Night's X Factor Finale Red Carpet: Vote for Your Favorite Look!


Did you catch last night's X Factor finale? Check out our recap right here, including Lea Michele's awesome rendition of "Cannonball," which was to die for.
Here are our picks for best dressed of the night. Who wore your favorite look? Vote in our poll, below!
Demi Lovato wore a gleaming gold dress under a sharp, tailored black cropped jacket:

Paulina Rubio went with top-to-toe figure-hugging leather:

Leona Lewis chose a sparkling minidress and thigh-high boots:

Kelly Rowland was all Hollywood glamour in her strapless thigh-high-slit gown:

Sierra Deaton sparkled in green sequins:

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley—Glamour's Style Icon of the Week—Inspires Us To Amp Up Our Travel Style


After spending much of 2013 scrolling through a gazillion celebrity pics, I can confidently say that mega-models have really good travel style. Even though they're dressed all comfy-casual—albeit designer casual-wear—they still look like they're in the midst of shooting a high fashion spread. (Although, style icon and world traveler Cara Delevingne stays practical and well-prepared by toting her neck pillow along with her on trips.) So in celebration of the upcoming holiday travel week, let's pay homage to one of the best dressed jet-setters out there: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who's our Glamour Style Icon of the Week.

In 2011, the model-slash-fashion-designer turned heads at Osaka airport in a slouchy long sleeve tee, skinny jeans, ballet slippers, and a radiant smile.

We love it when celebrities lug their own suitcases—granted Rosie's is a monogrammed Louis Vuitton. Since she looks so happy, I'm guessing that she didn't have to check it.

Earlier this year, the model arrived at Sydney airport looking fresh and pristine in a cozy blanket sweater, white tee, mint green jeans and a bold red Gucci bag. But of course supermodels don't spill red wine or Diet Coke mid-flight all over their laps like the rest of us.

During Fashion Week this past September, an amazing looking Rosie and longtime boyfriend Jason Statham took the Eurostar train from St. Pancras station in London to the Gare de Nord in Paris. Rosie's impossibly chic outfit: a Balmain military blazer, Anine Bing leather skinny jeans, Isabel Marant strappy booties, and a Balenciaga 24H tote. Aw, cute—on the London side of the water, tough guy Jason was in charge of the bags.

While the Saint Laurent star cardigan sold out with lightening speed, one of course ended up in Rosie's closet and quickly became her cozy airplane sweater. She wore the coveted knit with an Étoile Isabel Marant black t-shirt, J. Brand jeans, and not one, but two, droolworthy designer bags: her trusty green Givenchy Antigona in and a black Balenciaga satchel.)

If there's one reason to be thankful for stylish sweatshirts, it's when you're traveling. Now it's possible to be comfy without being schleppy—and Rosie thinks so, too. Granted, her floral top is by Givenchy, worn with Helmut Lang skinnies and her Isabel Marant velcro-strap wedges.

And on her most recent flight, Rosie opted for a super cozy-looking roll-neck sweater by Étoile Isabel Marant. She took a chapter out of fellow model Miranda Kerr's outerwear playbook by wearing her blazer as a cape—and looks flawless as usual. Sigh.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Victoria and David Beckham on the cover of Vogue Paris December 2013

Former Spice Girl and designer Victoria Beckham is guest editor of Vogue Paris December 2013. Victoria and David Beckham appear on the front cover in a sexy embrace. 

Magazine contents intimate interview with Victoria Beckham by Valentino Garavani and Marc Jacobs  and lovely photo shoot with Beckham family.

Beyoncé, What Her Dancers Use to Get Their Makeup to Stay, and Blue Ivy's Sweet Dance Moves (She Twerks!): Secrets Learned Backstage at Beyoncé's Mrs. Carter Concert

In honor of her newest fragrance, Rise, Beyoncé allowed a group of writers backstage at the Mrs. Carter concert in Brooklyn earlier this week to get the details on how all that magic happens on stage. I was one of those writers. Here are the most interesting, useful, hilarious, and revealing things I learned.

First, of her new scent (a mix of orchid, bergamot, golden apricot, freesia, cashmere musk and vetiver) Beyoncé has said, "The spirit of Rise encourages women to be all that we are,” which sounds potentially like just something someone might say in passing and not really mean. But I'm telling you, judging by the feeling backstage, this woman means it. You could tell the entire crew spoke about her, they genuinely love and respect her. And as for encouraging people to reach their potential, turns out she can be a pretty tough boss when it comes to giving "notes" (meaning things she liked and didn't like during a night's performance).

-The crew didn't know that Beyonce was dropping a surprise album. They knew she was working on something, but they found out on Twitter just like everyone else that she snuck her new songs on iTunes.
--Blue Ivy twerks! Well, something like it at least. The dancers told us she loves to dance and one of her signature moves is to stick her booty out and wave it around in a twerk-esque fashion.
-Her backup singers (who have all been traveling with her for years) say motherhood has made the singer even more maternal. One told us, "She's always been caring, but now it's like's [your son] JJ?"
-The dancers and the Mamas (her backup singers) all do their own hair and makeup every night. And what's more shocking: Beyoncé doesn't give them any guidelines—they're just supposed to look awesome, and they're free to experiment. She'll let them know via "notes" if a new hairstyle or makeup color was something she'd like to see again.
-On a normal night, the Mamas take an hour-and-a-half to get ready, but in a time crunch, they can be stage-ready in 30 minutes.
-Beyoncé is a such a perfectionist, she watches a video of the show almost every night, according to her dancers.
-The dancers have seven costume changes throughout the show.
-The crew likes to play little pranks to make Beyonce laugh. For instance, on the last tour, a dancer shoved a towel down the back of her pants to make her booty extra "Bootylicious" to dance to the song.
-To get their makeup to stay on stage, the dancers use setting sprays from Mac and NYX Cosmetics.
-The costume tailors have to repair the clothes every night. All that dancing is hard on the fabrics, and although they switch out the hidden zippers and any delicate hooks to help them stand up to wear and tear ("It comes as couture and we have to make it a costume"), they still get ripped up—and they don't keep backups!
-Sometimes Beyoncé likes to mix things up and ad lib dance moves. Her dancers have just learned to roll with the punches. "We just have to stay on our toes—we just make sure we're always watching her and each other," one of them revealed.
-The dancers were wrapping toys for a toy drive and eating fried chicken—yes, fried chicken—a couple of hours before showtime. After seeing the show I can testify that they work so hard, they deserve some fried chicken.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Street Chic - December 20

THE capital is cosying up in all-enveloping coats, hoods, scarves and hats this winter - and making the cold look like a very stylish proposition. Our Street Chic photographer has braved the chills to capture the best outfits.

Madonna Reveals she was Raped and Held at Gunpoint in Harper’s Bazaar

Madonna covers the November 2013 issue of Harper’s Bazaar and reveals some horrifying details about her life. While talking about her early days in New York City, the singer said she was once raped, and once held at gunpoint.
“New York wasn’t everything I thought it would be. It did not welcome me with open arms,” she said. “The first year, I was held up at gunpoint. Raped on the roof of a building I was dragged up to with a knife in my back, and had my apartment broken into three times. I don’t know why; I had nothing of value after they took my radio the first time.”
However, nothing could stop Madonna from chasing her dream. Now, she’s back in New York City with her children, is a single mother, and is as daring as ever.
“Years later, here I am, divorced and living in New York. I have been blessed with four amazing children. I try to teach them to think outside the box. To be daring. To choose to do things because they are the right thing to do, not because everybody else is doing them,” she said. “The idea of being daring has become the norm for me. Of course, this is all about perception because asking questions, challenging people’s ideas and belief systems, and defending those who don’t have a voice have become a part of my everyday life. In my book, it is normal.”

Demi Lovato Reveals ‘Staying Strong’ Book Cover

demi lovato book cover
Demi Lovato is getting ready to release her book of mantras, “Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year.” The singer and actress has just released the cover for the book, which features a whimsical photograph of Lovato surrounded by birds, not unlike those she has tattooed on her forearm.
According the publishers, the book talks about Lovato’s “struggles ranging from addiction to depression, all the while on a search for self-discovery and happiness. Demi has chronicled her journey in the media, in her song lyrics and to her 17 million followers on Twitter.”
Apparently, it is those inspiring tweets that have served as the backbone of Lovato’s book, which provides readers a new mantra to live by for every day of the year.
“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to share this book,” Lovato said. “It is my hope that these affirmations will help readers to remain strong and hopeful, even when that seems impossible.”
“Staying Strong” will hit bookshelves on November 19.

Taylor Momsen Strips Down for Maxim (Photo Gallery)


Taylor Momsen is featured in the November 2013 issue of Maxim magazine. The Pretty Reckless front-woman strips down and talks about feeling sexy and what the future holds for her.
Momsen says she feels sexiest when she’s on stage.

“It’s less about what I’m wearing and more about feeling powerful while performing,” she said. “That gets my blood flowing.”

She may have become well-known as an actress, but Momsen said she’s put acting behind her.
“I’ve been making music since I can remember, and a few years ago I got to a place where I had a band and could quit acting; that was my day job,” she said. “I was 12 when I signed on to ‘Gossip Girl,’ and since then I’ve had two records, toured with Guns n’ Roses…I mean, it feels like a different world.”

Best Dressed at Justin Bieber's Believe L.A. Premiere: a Cool, California Casual Red Carpet


Hollywood's A-list junior set—the next generation of superstars—walked the purple carpet last night at the Los Angeles premiere of Justin Bieber's Believe—a behind-the-scenes look at the singer at the height of his career. Check out our picks of the night's best dressed—from tomboy '90s grunge to glamorous retro-inspired LBDs, there's something for everyone.
Kylie Jenner dressed up her cropped white T-shirt with a sleek floor-length thigh-high-slit black maxi-skirt:

Sofia Richie demonstrated a keen sense of style in this goth-and-grunge rock-'n-roll inspired look:

Ana Villafane's little white dress and gold shoes combo looked super charming and very holiday-appropriate:

Debby Ryan chose a glamorous yet understated gold-and-black tailored sheath dress. Check out her beautiful red-and-cream shoes!

Meagan Good surprised us on the red carpet with her '90s-inspired overalls look that was ultra casual but somehow works!

Kiernan Shipka always wows us on the red carpet—last night she wore this fresh, flared floral frock from RED Valentino.

Not gonna lie, I totally saw Never Say Never, Bieber's first feature-film-length documentary, and actually really liked it! Are you going to see Believe? Check out the trailer, right here. It opens in theaters on December 25.

Secrets to Being a Good Manager From Seriously Accomplished Women

If you've just hired your first assistant, or you're already managing a whole team, chances are you've at least looked at a management book to pull some practical advice. You know, things like, "Treat people the way you wanted to be treated," "Be fair but firm," and "Get there first in the morning." Sound familiar? I thought so. Great advice to keep in mind, but not exactly what you need to know to really make an impact.

That's why I loved this collection of advice that Fast Company culled from interviews with super-successful women whose careers anyone would admire and want to emulate (we're leaning in!). The life lessons are unexpected and surprising...and for that reason alone, you'll want to try them out. Here are a few of my favorites:
Keep It Real: Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO and author of Lean In
Since joining the company in 2008, Sandberg has been credited by Mark Zuckerberg as "my partner in running Facebook." Now a New York Times best-selling author to boot, Sandberg told Fast Company how the two keep the lines of communication open and are always straight shooters. "We give each other feedback every Friday. Remember that when I took the job, I was going to work for a 23-year-old with a $15 billion valuation."
Encourage Creativity: Jenna Lyons, J.Crew's executive creative director and president
Credited with revitalizing the J.Crew brand, the company head and one of 2012's Glamour Women of the Year honorees explains how to motivate creative types: "When someone creates something and puts it in front of you, that thing came from inside of them, and if you make them feel bad, it's going to be hard to fix, because you've actually crushed them. Managing creative people—not so easy. A lot of emotion, a lot of stroking. Some people need tough love. Some people need a lot of love."
The Power of Trust: Angela Ahrendts, Burberry CEO and soon-to-be Apple retail lead
No wonder Apple wants her: During her time at Burberry, Ahrendts oversaw an effort that doubled the company's sales. What's her secret to being a good manager? "Ninety percent of it is trust. There is an innate trust that I don't second-guess anything [creative director Christopher Bailey] does, never have. And on business, he doesn't second-guess anything I do. We've never been finance first. We've always been instincts first."
Read the full piece, including more advice from Yahoo head Marissa Mayer and new General Motors CEO Mary Barra on

Best Dressed at the New York City Premiere of The Wolf of Wall Street: Camila Alves Sizzles in Crimson

Last night, celebs walked the red carpet at the legendary Ziegfeld Theater before the New York City premiere of Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street. Check out our picks for the evening's best dressed, and tell us whose look you liked best!
Camila Alves smolders in crimson lace by Dolce & Gabbana:

Mackenzie Meehan wore a strapless minidress in a stunning shade of burgundy:

Margot Robbie's one-shoulder white Armani Prive gown was classic old Hollywood:

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Fashion News: Google's Top Fashion Brands of the Year, Rihanna Is the New Face of Balmain, Rent the Runway Opens a Store in Vegas, and More!


Rihanna for Balmain: Rihanna has just been tapped as the new face of Balmain. Her campaign—shot by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin—will debut in January magazines. "In front of the camera, she makes you feel like she is the only girl in the world," Balmain creative directorOlivier Rousteing told WWD. "When the woman that inspires you wears your creations, your vision feels complete." [WWD]
Rent the Runway opens in Las Vegas: On December 27, Rent the Runway will open its first Las Vegas outpost at the Cosmopolitan—just in time for New Year's Eve dress rentals! Brilliant, no? The shop will stock more than 190 designers including Badgley Mischka, Halston Heritage, and RVN, all available for same-day dress rental. "Las Vegas is one of the only places on earth where it's not only appropriate but pretty much required to wear something outrageous every night of the year," says CEO and co-founder Jennifer Hyman. We agree and will definitely be visiting soon! Book your styling appointment at—walk-ins also welcome! [Glamour Inbox]
Fashion brands to reckon with: Yesterday, Bing unveiled its most searched-for designers of the year, broken down by country. Today, Google has released its 2013 data ranking the most searched-for fashion brands and retailer brands of the year. This year's top brands include Versace, Michael Kors, Diesel Black Gold, Gucci, and Kate Spade in the top five. And, in most searched-for retailers? Kohl's, JCPenney, Nordstrom, Forever 21, and Victoria's Secret. Did your favorite stores and brands make the cut? [Fashionista]
Speaking of new campaigns: Burberry has just unveiled its new spring 2014 campaign, which stars British up-and-comers actor Jamie Campbell Bower, musician Leo Dobson, and models Malaika Firth, Matilda Lowther, Neelam Johal, Callum Bell, and Jean Campbell. "There's a distinctly English mood to this season—a gentle, effortless, romantic quality, brought to life by a cast of bright young British talent," says Burberry's chief creative officer Christopher Bailey. Gorgeous, we say. [Glamour Inbox]
Coming to a website near you: ASOS has just announced a partnership with Google Helpouts, which will allow customers to speak one-on-one with a professional stylist for up to 15 minutes while they shop! [Retail Detail]
3-D Printed Clothes: 3-D printing isn't just for shoes and accessories. Now, the high-tech DIY is coming to apparel-land. "Each garment starts as a 3-D model, created in the traditional fashion," reports Wired. The Kinematics software then breaks the model down into triangular planes, flattens the now polygonal 3-D model into a glorified 2-D sheet, and adds hinges that allow the printed piece to be folded back into its original form like a giant piece of plastic origami. It then compresses the garment, reducing its volume by 85 percent, and sends it to the 3-D printer for fabrication." Check out the video, above. [Wired]
Nike for fashion people: When Dover Street Market finally opens in New York City on December 21, sneakerheads rejoice! Because Nike's collaborating with Comme des Garcons to re-release its 1987 Air Python in a new DSM NYC version—along with matching capsule collection pieces, which will include a jacket and a cap. [New York Times]
Here's how much it costs to look like Kim Kardashian: While on a world tour with boyfriend Kanye and their new baby, North, Kim Kardashian isstill employing the same fleet of makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, and hairstylists as she was at home in Los Angeles—and Kanye West is, allegedly, picking up the tab. "Kim only trusts her team to make her look gorgeous and doesn’t want to work with outsiders," one source says. "This doesn’t come cheap, and Kanye will shell out $250,000 just while he is on tour for Kim’s glam squad. The truth is that Kanye spends a lot more than Kim does on clothes, accessories, and cars. They are a perfect match for each other." So there you have it, kids. [Belfast Telegraph]
Roberto Cavalli starts with Michael Kors: I love me some Roberto Cavalli. That man has not only built a fashion empire, but is one of the nicest people ever. Plus, he likes to keep things interesting—as in, stirring the pot a little now and then. In a recent interview with, Cavalli riffed on Michael Kors: "He's one of the biggest copy designers in the world," Cavalli said. "I just want to tell him to stop copying me! Stop! All the time I write those comments on Instagram. He copies everybody!" []
Fashion for a cause: Late last week Topshop and Topman presented the Other Ball at New York's Highline Ballroom—a star-studded bash that saw the likes of Mark Ronson, Lykke Li, Mikky Ekko, A$AP Rocky, Clive Davis, Sean Lennon, and the Black Keys rocking out to benefit Arms Around the Child, a nonprofit dedicated to providing homes, medical treatment, protection, and education to children who've lost parents to AIDS or who are suffering from abuse, neglect, or exploitation.

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Who Is Khloe Kardashian Dating? Almost Definitely None of These People

Khloe Kardashian filed for divorce from Lamar Odom on Friday. And if you believe the tabloids, she's already dating Matt Kemp, or the Game, or maybe even Drake.

Well, the answer is: none of the above. If you sift through about a billion ALL CAPS Internet headlines, you can find the articles where the Game confirms they never hooked up, or the ones where a source shoots down the Matt Kemp rumor. The main impetus for the Kardash/Kemp coupling, BTW, was an Instagram the baseball player posted of the Kardashian family Christmas tree. Because, you know, obviously someone only sees your Christmas tree if you're in a monogamous relationship. (In a related story, I am proud to announce that I'm dating most of my neighbors, and a few handymen as well.) Khloe and Kemp also went to a Drake concert together—so does that actually count as a love triangle? In any case, to see the way the press jumped all over them taking in some music together, you'd think that they skipped town for Cabo in a JUST MARRIED car and ran naked into the surf.
My point is: We love us a new celeb couple here at Glamour, but when things are in the early stages of goss, we try to tamp down our excitement and wait for some confirmation. Occasionally we get overexcited and gently speculative—I mean, we can't have an inkling that Adam Brody and Leighton Meester are kissing and not talk to you guys about it—but maybe in the case of not-even-really dissolved marriages, we should all take a beat.
Especially because it seems like the faster you report something, the higher the chance that it's going to not be true. So let's give Khlo a little space—and in the meantime, tabloid muckrackers on the couples beat, you can keep yourselves busy finding out if this bizarro thing between Kris Jenner and Bachelor Ben Flajnik is for real. Because all I want for Christmas is to hear that yes, it is—but don't tell me till you're absolutely sure.

Jake Answers: How Do You Move on and Forgive a Cheating Ex?

After my divorce, I had a pretty crazy rebound period that’s run the gamut from horrible to hopeful. While I didn’t think I’d ever be back out there searching for love again, I’ve learned a lot about relationships, and I hope I can pass some of that knowledge on to you. I’m here to help you navigate the sometimes impenetrable, inscrutable male mind and make dating a more pleasant and hopefully more fruitful experience. So please feel free to ask me anything via Twitter at @glamourmag #jake or via email
This week's column comes from a reader who wants to know how to move on and let go of anger after her ex cheated.

Hi Jake,
When I was 26, I lived in a small ski town in Colorado and met a ski instructor who was so sweet. We fell madly in love, married two years later, had the first baby the next year, then twins two years after that. Money was tight. When the kids were 4, 2 and 2, I found emails from another woman. He met her at the bar after he got off work. He told me "they had so much in common." She kept saying "delete this" and "I just want to wake up with you next to me." My heart broke into a million pieces right then and there. And all three of my kids were in the bathtub—I still had to be a mom. I told him that I was going to fight for him. I told him to call her and let her know that I knew what was going on. I never told him to end things; I don't know why. Later on, he told me that he knew I would kick him out if I ever caught him cheating and then he would be free to be with her.
I tried what I thought would work. I knew I had put my husband on the back burner when it came to love and intimacy. My kids were my priority, and I guess I just didn't know how to handle a marriage also. I initiated sex, but I always knew in the back of my mind WHY I was doing this. This lasted for a while, then things went right back to where they were before. I was still very angry and felt like he was never truly sorry for what he did. I lost all trust for him.
Two years later, he did it again. I was absolutely pissed and threw his crap out the front door! We talked about divorce, but neither one of us followed through. I let him live with us last summer on the condition that he stepped up as a dad. That didn't work, so I printed out papers last August and the divorce was final February 1, 2013.
This past July, I found myself lost. I was in the Fourth of July parade with my kids, and he was supposed to take them for the night. When we passed him and his new girlfriend, my kids jumped off the float and gave him a hug. The girlfriend doesn't have kids but apparently has a high paying job and her own home in Aspen. They had just returned from a trip to Mexico two months earlier. She paid for everything. I was struggling as a single mom, and he was able to travel to far off places. After the Fourth of July, I made up my mind that I wanted to leave Colorado. I had to leave to find myself and get away from all of the negativity. It took so many arguments and fights (and a reduction of child support payments), but he finally signed court documented paperwork allowing me to relocate to Florida with my kids.
I wanted it to be a positive experience for my kids instead of them having nightmares of me dragging them away from everything they had ever known. My kids have been enrolled in school since August, and my oldest (almost 11) made the honor roll for the first time. I am so incredibly proud of how well they have adjusted. We're living with my sister and her two daughters. It's tight, but we all get along. I have not been able to find work, so I unfortunately I've had to contact my ex-husband and ask him to pay for things like a Girl Scout sash or car payment money. That part sucks.
Here is my question to you: How do you let go? Did you forgive your ex in order to move on? I am still holding on to so much anger. I'm usually a happy person, but I feel like I can't get there. I need to either let go of the anger or forgive him, but I don't know how to do that. I want to be happy again and marry someday.
Dear Claire,
Thank you so much for sharing your story. It’s strange, hours before my editor forwarded me your email, I distinctly remember standing in my kitchen, making coffee, and asking myself that same exact same question: How do I get rid of this anger? It’s been over a year since XJ (the ex-Mrs. Jake) split, and I still have mornings when I wake up wondering, “Wait, what happened?”
Since we’re both in this together, I’ll tell you what’s worked for me.
1) Happiness is the best revenge. Right after my wife left, I remember my friend Jonas telling me one night at a bar, “Just focus on your work, and love will follow.” So since the breakup I’ve redoubled all my work efforts and it’s really paid off. I know that in order for me to be happy in a new relationship, I have to be happy about all other aspects of my life, so that’s what I’ve been focused on. My suggestion is to do the same—focus on what makes you happy (work, your kids, friends) and good things will naturally, subsequently, fall into place.
2) Distance is crucial. You made the right decision to leave Colorado. Creating distance will definitely help, and be thankful and happy you have the kids. It sounds like the new locale is making them thrive as well.
3) Avoid contact. I know you need to stay in contact for financial matters, but try to keep things brief and via email, and DON’T write angry emails (as I am frequently tempted to, and occasionally, do).
4) Avoid social media check-ups. Every few months, to torture myself, I’ll look at my ex’s Facebook page or Twitter page. No good ever comes from this. Trust me.
5) Not everyone deserves forgiveness. I know some will disagree with me on this, but you don’t need to forgive him. What’s more important is that you forgive yourself for failing, and that you try to learn from the experience. What could you have done to improve the relationship so that it didn’t crumble? How will you take what you’ve learned to improve the next relationship? If you really feel like you need to forgive him, that’s OK too. Remember, we’re all human, we all have selfish needs and desires. Try to look forward, and keep me posted!

We're Crowning Kate Middleton as the Glamour Style Icon of the Week (Even Though She Already Has a Royal Tiara)


Over here at Glamour, we might be just a teeeeny bit Kate Middleton obsessed. With her various glorious hair styles, her beauty routine, her ladylike near-wardrobe malfunctions, and when she wears a princess tiara. (Squeeee...) But most of all, we closely follow her fashion choices with the utmost devotion (and you do you with all those chic repeats, Kate!), so before the year closes out, we must crown the Duchess of Cambridge with the honor of Glamour Style Icon of the Week. Yes, even though she has many real crowns. So here we go!

Here's Kate—pre-royal-engagement and post trial breakup—in 2009 at a fancy friend's wedding (to be specific: Nicholas Van Cutsem and Alice Hadden-Paton, love just saying those names) wearing a regally embroidered jacket and very British fascinator. She would repeat the outfit a few years later for an official royal appearance.

There it is! The official engagement portrait in 2010 and that royal blue Issa dress that immediately sold out (starting the trend of many Kate-fueled runs on pieces). Earlier this year, Issa collaborated with Banana Republic on a line inspired by that dress. But is there a handsome prince that comes with purchase?

We couldn't have a Kate round-up without another look at her breathtaking wedding gown not-so-secretly designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen now, could we? And we have Kate to thank for making sleeves on wedding dresses de rigueur again.

And here's the happy couple at a movie premiere in 2012. Kate is just glowing in a gorgeous black lace gown by Temperley London, who you may remember designed Pippa's near-show-stealing royal wedding reception gown. And yes, that' the GORGEOUS gown she just three-peated last week.

Isn't she a vision in a Swarovski-embellished Jenny Packham gown at an Olympic concert that summer?

While Kate is very loyal to designers like Jenny Packham and Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen, she's not afraid to experiment with edgy, contemporary names, too. But with demure, ladylike, Queen Elizabeth-approved styles, of course. Here she is looking lovely in a draped lilac dress Roksanda Ilincic.

It doesn't happen super often, but sometimes Kate will dazzle us with a print. She opted for Michelle Obama-favorite Prabal Gurung for this brightly patterned outing earlier this year. Love.

SO, big happenings this year: the Royal Pregnancy and the very major birth of the Prince George! And of course Kate had the most stellar (and pastel-filled) maternity wardrobe, like this pink confection by a very versatile Jenny Packham. Packham also custom designed the cornflower blue dress for Kate's first appearance with baby George.

Why mess with a good thing? Kate's first formal appearance after George's birth was in this shimmering gold gown also by Jenny Packham. Stunning.

At the premiere of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, the Duchess looked regal (while showing some royal leg) in a repeat Roland Mouret winter white gown. We can't wait to see what 2014 brings!
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