Friday, 20 December 2013

Madonna Reveals she was Raped and Held at Gunpoint in Harper’s Bazaar

Madonna covers the November 2013 issue of Harper’s Bazaar and reveals some horrifying details about her life. While talking about her early days in New York City, the singer said she was once raped, and once held at gunpoint.
“New York wasn’t everything I thought it would be. It did not welcome me with open arms,” she said. “The first year, I was held up at gunpoint. Raped on the roof of a building I was dragged up to with a knife in my back, and had my apartment broken into three times. I don’t know why; I had nothing of value after they took my radio the first time.”
However, nothing could stop Madonna from chasing her dream. Now, she’s back in New York City with her children, is a single mother, and is as daring as ever.
“Years later, here I am, divorced and living in New York. I have been blessed with four amazing children. I try to teach them to think outside the box. To be daring. To choose to do things because they are the right thing to do, not because everybody else is doing them,” she said. “The idea of being daring has become the norm for me. Of course, this is all about perception because asking questions, challenging people’s ideas and belief systems, and defending those who don’t have a voice have become a part of my everyday life. In my book, it is normal.”
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