Friday, 7 February 2014

Quick Tip: How to Make a High Ponytail Look Un-Cheerleader-y

When I first saw the high ponytail Poppy Delevigne wore to the Amfar Gala last night, I was all Hm, I don't know about this. She looks a little like she should be shouting about wanting a touchdown immediately. Then she turned her head, and I went Oh, nope. I am ONBOARD. 

What saves this high ponytail from cheerleader territory is that 1) It's artfully messy. Had it been all precise and smooth, she would have looked, well, let's just say it, dorky.
And 2) It's paired with dark lipstick to make it look moodier.
These two elements save this hairstyle and take it from frou-frou to chic. So take note next time you want to go really really really high with your pony. Then you can send Poppy a thank you note.
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