Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Least Sexy City in America, in Case You Want to NOT Plan a Last-Minute Weekend Trip There


Sorry, but this city has to be put in the Friendzone.
Some cities haven't been reading their sex tips on Smitten enough, because they just got slapped with the rather insulting title of "Least Sexy." Which city is least likely to make you feel things in your special areas?
It's Greensboro, North Carolina! More like Greensboring, am I right?
Just kidding, residents of Greensboro! I've never even been there, and I'm sure you're all saucy little minxes. To be fair, this unfortunate title wasn't based on the residents themselves at all. The rankings were given by, the dating site that pairs up sexy ladies with rich dudes for free travel and bad gender stereotypes, based on the percentage of times proposed travel plans to that city were rejected. Here's the full list of the top 10 most rejected travel proposals:
1. Greensboro, N.C. 100%, rejected 170 of 170 times
2. Richmond, Va. 98%, rejected 100 of 103 times
3. Fort Worth, Texas 94%, rejected 155 of 165 times
4. Beverly Hills, Calif. 92%, rejected 1058 of 1150 times
5. Chattanooga, Tenn. 90%, rejected 178 of 198 times
6. Atlantic City, N.J. 89%, rejected 345 of 388 times
7. Atlanta, Ga. 86%, rejected 1238 of 1440 times
8. Jacksonville, Fla. 85%, rejected 272 of 320 times
9. Corpus Christi, Texas 84%, rejected 143 of 170 times
10. Minneapolis, Minn. 83%, rejected 168 of 202 times
A 100 percent rejection rate is kind of harsh, Greensboro, but I'm sure that someday, some very special lady will be willing to take a free trip to your lovely city. And that goes for all the other presumably delightful cities on this list. Don't take it personally, guys! Frankly, I'm shocked that a woman who would be into this kind of, um, "romantic arrangement" wouldn't jump at a trip to Atlantic City. It really seems like that kind of lady's kind of place, but I guess I am probably judging a book by its tacky cover there.
Do you take issue with any of these supposedly unsexy cities?

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