Friday, 31 January 2014

Change-Your-Life Beauty Tip: The Sneaky Way to Get Brassiness Out of Your Hair Color


Last night at the kick-off event for Clairol's new Age Defy Hair Color line for aging hair, hairstylist/colorist James Corbett let me in on a little secret to taming brassiness in your hair color.

Sure, you might have heard that slapping on a cool-toned gloss in a shade similar to your hair color will help to take out any ruddy tones out of your locks, but you know what works even better for very brassy cases? Wash-out hair color. They have a little more pigment in them than a gloss, so they'll really cover the red if you pick a cool tone (hint: look for word "ash"). And since the non-permenant kind (like Natural Instincts) doesn't have ammonia or peroxide in it, it won't cause more damage on top of the color—it just washes out over time.
And there you have it: Your brassiness problem solved!
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