During the winter, with the unpleasant prevalence of sniffles, flus, and chapped lips, kissing can go from feeling like a sexy, romantic moment to more like a one-way ticket to Germ Town. In fact, I recently kissed a guy and was rewarded with a week in bed with a box of tissues and a rapidly developing Nyquil addiction. Thanks a lot, Dude Who Didn't Even Ask Me Out Again.
So I was relieved this morning to stumble across a list of eight health benefits of kissing. Yes, colds are inevitable this time of year, but there are still some good-for-you things about locking lips. Read the full article for the explanations of exactly how kissing gives these benefits, but here's the rundown of all the ways a nice makeout session can do your body good.
  1. Reduces blood pressure.
  2. Eases cramps and headaches.
  3. Fights cavities.
  4. Boosts positive hormones.
  5. Burns calories,
  6. Improves self-esteem.
  7. Helps you look younger by maintaining neck and jawline muscles.
  8. Determines sexual compatibility—and we all know good sex is good for you!
In sum, bye-bye, Midol, therapy, spin class, and Botox. We'll all just be sucking face instead.
Do you ever get a little squeamish about kissing during flu season?