Friday, 12 July 2013

This Just In: Lindsay Lohan Is Getting a Reality Show On Oprah's OWN Network


The Former Queen of Daytime TV, Oprah, is teaming up with child star-turned-Hollywood-cautionary-tale, Lindsay Lohan, for a sit-down interview and subsequent docu-series once Lohan's stint in rehab ends later on this summer, according to Entertainment Weekly.

After several years of meltdowns, public fights with family members, and less-than-stellar performances in movies such as I Know Who Killed Me and Liz & Dick, it seems that Lohan is hoping that Oprah's magic will rub off on her. The interview is scheduled to tape and air in August, but a specific air date of the docu-series is still unknown—but it will debut sometime in 2014 and will consist of eight episodes that detail her getting her personal and professional life back on track.
This is not the first time Oprah has had famous people sit down on her couch since the OWN network started. Earlier this year, she chatted with disgraced Lance Armstrong, NBA player Jason Collins after he came out, and pop star Rihanna. Only time will tell who—Oprah or Lohan—will benefit most from this partnership.
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