Friday, 19 July 2013

2013 ESPY Awards Beauty: Who Had the Best Hair and Makeup of the Night?

Actresses and A-list athletes alike were looking rather spectacular on last night's ESPY Awards red carpet. Come on—have a look at all this pretty!
Gabrielle Union's never-ending braid and flirty flushed cheeks


Selena Gomez' romantic red nails and lips, with total bombshell waves

selena-gomez-espy-awards Maria Sharapova's silver shimmery eye makeup and loose beachy waves
maria-sharapova Malin Ackerman's sexy blue smoky eyes
malin-ackerman Gabby Douglas' perfect nude lipstick and dark manicure
gabrielle-douglas-espy-awards Paula Patton's half-up hairstyle and long, gradient metallic nails



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