Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The 4 Most Showstopping Beauty Moments From Paris Couture Fashion Week So Far

Paris Couture Fashion Week has only just started and already there have been some showstopping runway beauty moments for us all to drool over. Come see.
Now, let me remind you that this is couture, so the hair and makeup looks are meant to be a fantasy and not something that will translate literally in the real world. It's the time makeup artists and hairstylist are encouraged to play and get a little out-there. Disclaimer over, now here we go...
There was the metallic lips and sleek bun at the Dior show:

dior-2013-paris-couture-hair-back Alexis Mabille went with petal-adorned hair. So dreamy.

alexis-mabille-paris-couture-fashion-week-2013-hair-petals Over at Rami Al Ali, it was all about a soft, elegant updo:

rami-al-ali-paris-couture-fashion-week-updo And at Iris Van Herpen, it was snaky braid season.

braided-updos-iris-van-herpen Drama! Excitement! Haute-couture loveliness! Which is your favorite of these four?
Photos: Courtesy Dior via Twitter, AFP/Getty Images
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