Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The Classiest Menswear at the Met Ball

Enough with the dresses! Let's look at the smartest-looking getups  the guys were rocking at the A-list gala.

1. Andrew Garfield in Band of Outsiders

Garfield looked Spidey-spiffy, opting to look outside of big-name fashion houses for his Met Ball look.

2. Bryan  Cranston in Calvin Klein

No one gets between Walter White and his Calvins.

3. David Beckham in Ralph Lauren Black Label

The British superstar rocked a white jacket and a pretty sweet patterned pocket square.

4. Frank Ocean in Givenchy

Crooner Frank Ocean looked pensive and stylish in another white tux jacket. 

5. Matt Bomer in Calvin klein

The White Collar star wore a white collar! His big, bright bow tie stood out in a sea of black ones.

6. Ryan Reynolds in Gucci

Reynolds' suit looked good enough to sleep in. But that doesn't mean anyone should.

7. Tom Ford in Tom Ford

Tom Ford looked like he might kill someone in this photo. But at least he wears it well, are we right?

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