Wednesday, 7 May 2014

9 Over-the-Top Amazing Wedding Cakes, Just in Time for Treat O'Clock

Anyone else have the afternoon munchies? How about you make your daily 3 P.M. trek to the vending machine, then join me back here for some wedding cake amazingness.

Wedding Cake 1

Wedding Cake 2 

This one was displayed with mini cakes. Mini cakes!

Wedding Cake 3


Wedding Cake 4

Wedding Cake 5

Wedding Cakes 6,7, and 8
This bakery kind of nails ti with the edible flowers.

Wedding Cake 9  
Oh, you like the edible flowers? Bam!

All of these edible works of art were crafted by Cakes by Krishanthi, a ckae bakery (cakery?) in London.
Paging Pippa Middleton! (I'm still thinking Pippa and Nico Jackson are going to announce their engagement soon, and she's certain to tap British vendors for their wedding)
Which of these wedding cakes is your favorite? And what are you munching on for Treat O'Clock?
I'm eyeing the Laffy Taffy in Emmett's Easter basket. Shhhhh! And probably a French roast in my Keurig.

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