Friday, 18 April 2014

Kate Spade is Collaborating With Gap Kids

Another day, another exciting collab. (To catch you up: Zooey Deschannel x Tommy Hilfiger, Alexander Wang x H$M, and Mary Katrantzou x Adidas.) Well, Prince George might be particularly thrilled about the latest! collection to launch this November.
Now, no additional information has been released (like what categories the line will include, pieces, price points, etc.) so that leaves the field wide open for speculation. Are accessories in the mix? More importantly, will there be child size clothing that petite adults can squeeze into and purchase at kid clothes prices? (like that super chic band jacket from the Stella McCartney x Gap Kids collection.)  Or will they make diminutive versions of Kate Spade's whimsical, all American designs? If the last option is a go, then these three looks  from the designer's fall 2014 collection would make the cutest little girl duds:

The Leopard Coat.

This entire outfit.

All the quirky, colorful, textured bags, like the Hello Tokyo Clutch and the gold chained Chinese takeout box one. So perfect to stash toys and flash cards in, no?

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